Base - porcelain vortex generator
Porcelain Base - vortex generator - Mayu Water
Porcelain Base - vortex generator - Mayu Water
Porcelain Base - vortex generator - Mayu Water
Porcelain Base - vortex generator - Mayu Water
Porcelain Base - vortex generator - Mayu Water
Porcelain Base - vortex generator - Mayu Water
Porcelain Base - vortex generator - Mayu Water

Base - porcelain vortex generator

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Pure porcelain coupled with intuitive technology.

This porcelain base is the vortex generator. It uses solid-state load cells that sense the presence of the carafe in order to begin the swirling motion automatically; calibrating the strength and speed of the aerator disc, according to the amount of water in the carafe, thus creating a constant and perfect vortex.

The design of the base was inspired by a pebble stone found at the bottom of a flowing river. Made out of pure Jingdezhen porcelain colored with natural minerals colorants. Gently tap the grooved sensor to get the water in the carafe swirling.

  • Hand-crafted porcelain using natural minerals colorants
  • Powered by standard 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Up to 7 hours of wireless use; USB magnetic tip charger cord
  • Automatic load sensor senses the Carafe and the amount of water in it
  • Feature-like touch sensor to easily turn on/off

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    Glass Carafe: Volume 1.5L / 51 Oz. 100% borosilicate glass carafe with a an impeller. 

    Pouring Spout: Stainless steel with a silicone seal.

    Base: hand-made porcelain, vortex generator coupled with automatic load and touch sensors. Stainless steel 304 bottom plate. 

    Rechargeable battery: 3.7V, 18650 li-ion, up to 7 hours of wireless use. 

    Cord: USB type A to type C, 50 inches (1.27m)

    Power: 5V --- 1A

    Product Certifications: ETL certified, CE certified, FCC compliance

    Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.

    Weight: 30.9 oz(875 g) 

    Height: 12.6" (320mm)

    Diameter: 5.5" (140mm)

    The Carafe

    MAYU Swirl hand-blown glass carafe is light-weight, crystal, dishwasher safe, grade-A tempered borosilicate.

    The water-drop-shape design eliminates stagnating zones in the carafe to ensure all the water flows freely.

    A 1.5-liter (51 Oz) mark is engraved on the side of the carafe to help you accurately measure your water.

    The Base

    The Vortex Generator rests inside the Swirl's porcelain base.

    Place the carafe on the base will automatically start the Swirl, calibrating its force according to the amount of water in the carafe. Gently tap the grooved feature-like touch sensor to turn it on/off.

    Made out of pure Jingdezhen porcelain colored with only natural mineral colorants, the design is inspired by a pebble stone found at the bottom of a flowing river.


    Mayu Swirl makes your drinking water BETTER. How?

    It restores the water structure by allowing it to flow in its natural swirling motion.

    The vortex in Mayu Swirl aerates the water. The aeration treatment increases the transfer of gas between the atmospheric air and the water, resulting in:

    - Infusion of oxygen - The swirling motion infuses fresh atmospheric oxygen to your water.

    - Evaporation / release of volatile compounds - including chlorine, THMs, CO2, unwanted odors, and other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound).

    - Raised pH levels - The dissolved release of CO2 triggers a chemical chain reaction, reflected in increased levels of pH.

    - Improved taste - The process of aeration means better, tastier, even sweeter water!

    -These, plus the high aesthetics of the mesmerizing vortex, lead to an increase in water intake. Win!

    No. The Mayu Swirl alone will NOT remove bacteria or pathogens found in water.

    Aeration is a proven method to accelerate the evaporation of some toxic volatile compounds. 

    With your Swirl, you should be using filtered water. Learn more about which purification technologies are best for you. 

    YES! The Mayu Swirl works with every type of drinking water.
    Whether you’re drinking unfiltered tap water, filtered water, Reverse Osmosis water, or distilled water, the Swirl will enhance the physical properties and chemical characteristics of your drinking water.

    * We do highly recommend using a good filter, though.

    The Mayu Swirl set box includes:

    - 1.5L glass carafe with built-in impeller- hand-blown grade A borosilicate glass; light weight, crystal clear and dishwasher safe.

    - Closing lid for storage - made of stainless steel (304) or bamboo with a food-grade silicone seal.

    - Vortex generator base - handmade porcelain, coupled with automatic load and touch sensors for a perfect, hassle-free vortex.

    - Rechargeable li-ion battery - up to 7hours of wireless use on a single charge.

    - USB A to USB C cable – easy to connect

    - 2 years limited warranty.

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