Water Enhancing Vortex Technology that improves the taste and quality of your drinking water and increases your hydration and health
Enhance your well-being


If you are aware that your drinking water is not good enough (health, taste and quality) then we have the solution. The natural vortex motion of the MAYU Water Swirl will structure and aerate your water, balance pH levels, and improve hydration. Regardless of the water source; tap water, filtered water, reverse osmosis or bottled water.

By using the MAYU Water Swirl you will actively enhance the well-being of you and your family and contribute to a better environment and plastic free life.  

You need minerals

replenish with vital minerals

Often when water is purified it is stripped from all additives, including the essential minerals your body needs. Minerals are vital for human health. MAYU Essential Minerals & MAYU Electrolytes offer an efficient solution to replenish the vital minerals in your body.

our mission

healthy & good tasting water for all

Motivated by a simple question - "what type of water is best for my baby?" - two friends, Shay and Ze'ev, set off on a mission to discover the highest quality of water, resulting in the founding of MAYU in 2018. Their purpose was to change the water industry and make it easier for people to stay hydrated & healthy and contribute towards a plastic free world.

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