A State-of-the-Art Carafe with Water-Enhancing Vortex

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Perfect Vortex Technology

The porcelain base is the vortex generator. It uses solid-state load cells that sense the presence of the carafe in order to begin the swirling motion automatically; in turn, it calibrates the strength and speed of the aerator disc, according to the amount of water in the carafe, thus creating a constant and perfect vortex.

Play video to learn more about how the Swirl Benefits:

Healthier, Tastier & More Energizing Water

How does it work? The Swirl aerates and restructures the water, bringing the water and air into close contact.
In only a few minutes the Swirl increases the amount of dissolved oxygen, balancing its pH level and returning your water to its natural sweet, silky mouthfeel, and healthy equilibrium.

Are you drinking enough?

Let the water do the work for you: structured, delicious water, filled with oxygen and balanced pH level. Oh, and it's just beautiful.

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Our Customers Drink More:


"Such a beautiful piece and certainly"


"We have our own well and the water is good. Putting that well water in the Mayu makes it amazing. Results: me, my husband and both the dog and cat are now drinking more water. When we get up in the AM, the cat is literally waiting by the water bowl for a fresh Mayu pour!"


"I love my new water. I add the electrolytes to the container. It tastes fantastic and I feel full of energy. It also helps me to drink more water on a daily basis. And it tastes good. Was a very good purchase. And of course people who come over to visit love it to"