Our mission

Healthy good tasting Water For all

Motivated by a simple question - "what type of water is best for my baby?" - two friends, Shay and Ze'ev, set off on a mission to discover the highest quality of water, resulting in the founding of MAYU in 2018. Their purpose was to change the water industry and make it easier for people to stay hydrated & healthy without impacting the environment.

Troubled Water

What's in Our Drinking Water?

Essential to life like the air we inhale, drinking water is becoming evermore unclean and unsafe. A plethora of dangers, including chemical spills, polluting of water sources, abnormal weather shifts and continued pollution, all endanger our access to pure, safe water.

The name MAYU

The Spiralling Milky Way

Throughout the Andes, the Milky Way was believed to be a river called MAYU. The source of all water on Earth. For the Inka, Earth and Sky are connected, and the river MAYU mirrors the Qhapaq Ñan, otherwise known as the Main Andean Road; The 23,000 km long backbone of the Inca Empire’s political and economic power.

Water is vital


We are incredibly minded about what we eat, but what about what we drink? Stay well hydrated and treat yourself to the best water possible for healthy long life. Every drop counts.

Help our environment

No more plastic

At the MAYU company, we're striving to give everyone the means to make clean and quality water in their homes with no plastic involved. Our mission ties together the well-being of humans and our planet, providing the right and beautiful solution. When you buy a MAYU Water swirl, glass bottle, you reduce the use of PET/plastic, making our planet clean again.

combining natural vortex motion with

top quality innovative technology

Worldwide specialists in natural processes, chemistry, engineering, culinary and design, worked with us to realize our vision. The MAYU Water Swirl is the result of 100% focus on quality, design and environmental impact. Both the borosilicate carafe and porcelain base are handmade.

step 1

Purification Is Needed

Purifying water is essential to eliminate contaminants, similar to the process of the sun heating and evaporating H2O into the clouds. Nevertheless, once the filtration is complete, the water is denuded of its minerals and is lacking its full qualities and flavor.

step 2

Replenish With Essential Minerals

Filtered water are missing out on vital minerals our bodies require. Replenishing these minerals, such as Magnesium, Zinc and more, can provide a supplementary source of vital nutrients and guarantee our body get what it needs.

Step 3

Bring Water Back To Life

The MAYU Swirl device replicates the energy of water in the natural environment, creative a lively ambiance, keeping the water oxygenated and clean.