improve your water

with natural energetic vortex motion
MAYU water swirl

using the natural Vortex Motion

The MAYU Water Swirl uses the natural power of spiral movement (implosion or vortex) found throughout the universe. With this vortex motion, the MAYU Water Swirl naturally structures and aerates water. It replenishes dissolved oxygen, balances pH levels, and improves taste and quality, regardless of the water source; tap water, filtered water, reverse osmosis, or distilled water. The Swirl positively enhances both the physical and chemical characteristics of your drinking water.

Why swirl and aerate?

Improving taste & quality

Water retains its vibrancy and freshness by moving, but when it is squeezed and stagnant in pipes, it loses the energy, the vitality, that your body needs for full hydration. Just as wine needs to breathe to express its best flavour, the vortex movement of the MAYU Swirl restores lost vitality by bringing in oxygen and balancing and alkalising the true flavour and texture of your water (increasing the pH - the dissolved CO2 causes a chemical reaction that raises the pH) - only 6000 times faster than a normal decanter.


  • Handmade 100% borosilicate glass carafe (1,5 liter)
  • Impeller at bottom of carafe to create the perfect vortex
  • Stainless steel pouring spout
  • Handmade porcelain base
  • Touch button for on / off and direction of vortex (right and left)
  • Weight sensors for a consistent vortex with every water level


The porcelain base is the vortex generator. It uses solid-state load cells that sense the presence of the carafe in order to begin the swirling motion automatically; in turn, it calibrates the strength and speed of the aerator disc, according to the amount of water in the carafe, thus creating a constant and perfect vortex.

Your body needs minerals

Replenish Vital Minerals

Often when water is purified it is stripped from all additives, including the essential minerals your body needs. For example, studies show a link between the consumption of desalinated water and magnesium deficiency, a vital mineral for human health. These findings emphasize the significance of the addition of essential minerals to water.

87% Prefer MAYU Water

Taste it for yourself

MAYU conducted a variety of taste tests and experiments that demonstrated the difference in taste and texture when oxygen was added to water. Out of the participants, an astounding 87% preferred MAYU Water over the other alternatives.

structured water

MAYU water under the microscope

Osmosis water is devoid of life and essential minerals. Experiments indicate that after as little as 5 mins the MAYU Water Swirl, improves the molecular structure of osmosis water, making your water more energetic, healthier and taste better. 

Osmosis water - BEFORE & AFTER 5 min in the Swirl

Experiments Show

improved cell hydration

In its natural state, water has a coherent or structured composition wherein the molecules are in sync with one another and move as one unit. However, water that has been polluted by human processes and/or distilled from undesirable chemicals, also loose their molecules structure, making it harder for our cells to absorb them.