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MAYU Swirl

MAYU Swirl makes your drinking water BETTER. How?

It restores the water structure by allowing it to flow in its natural swirling motion.

The vortex in MAYU Swirl aerates the water. The aeration treatment increases the transfer of gas between the atmospheric air and the water, resulting in:

- Infusion of oxygen - The swirling motion infuses fresh atmospheric oxygen to your water.

- Evaporation / release of volatile compounds - including chlorine, THMs, CO2, unwanted odors, and other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound).

- Raised pH levels - The dissolved release of CO2 triggers a chemical chain reaction, reflected in increased levels of pH.

- Improved taste - The process of aeration means better, tastier, even sweeter water!

-These, plus the high aesthetics of the mesmerizing vortex, lead to an increase in water intake. Win!

No. The MAYU Swirl alone will NOT remove bacteria or pathogens found in water.

Aeration is a proven method to accelerate the evaporation of some toxic volatile compounds. 

With your Swirl, you should be using filtered water. Learn more about which purification technologies are best for you. 

YES! The MAYU Swirl works with every type of drinking water.
Whether you’re drinking unfiltered tap water, filtered water, Reverse Osmosis water, or distilled water, the Swirl will enhance the physical properties and chemical characteristics of your drinking water.

* We do highly recommend using a good filter, though. Here’s why

The porcelain base is a vortex generator. A solid-state load cell senses the presence of the carafe in order to start the motion automatically; in turn, it calibrates the speed of the aerator disc according to the amount of water in the carafe, creating a constant and perfect vortex.

The pH level of your water will rise with the Mayu Swirl
The swirling motion increases the evaporation of dissolved volatile compounds (such as chlorine and CO2), resulting in an increase in pH levels.

Which pH level? It depends on the source water characteristics.

Like drinking from a flowing river, the swirling motion of the Swirl pitcher “heals” and structures the water, the vortex naturally aerates the water, replenishes dissolved oxygen, and balances pH levels to improve its taste and quality.
In other words, your drinking water will be improved chemically and physically when using the MAYU Swirl!

After 7- 10 minutes and then the water is good for up to 48 hours.
Make sure you swirl your water with the lid OFF

There is no time limit to how much the water can be swirled

A beautifully designed lid is a part of the MAYU Swirl set. Made from medical grade stainless steel (304), and sealed with a medical-grade silicone o-ring that keeps out airborne odors, aerosols, and dust.Neither disposable plastics nor single-use components are used, only the best materials for your water.

For efficient AERATION, we recommend allowing the water to be swirled for at least 7-10 minutes UNCOVERED. Following that, you can choose whether or not to use the lid.

Creating your own pure mineral water at home is more cost-effective and ecological while ensuring safe, great-tasting, mineral-rich, high-quality water. And it’s fun too!

The main problem of bottled water is, as you know,  the single-use plastic bottle.
As water reacts with material it’s touching, molecules from the surface as the plastic bottle dissolves into the water it holds, as well as leaving traces of microplastic in the water you intake.

On the other hand, it is also extremely harmful to the next generations, every minute about a million single use plastic bottles are littered, it takes 5 minutes to drink from and 500-1000 years to decompose.

This means every bottle ever made on the earth is still here and will take hundreds of years more before the tiny pieces of its plastic will finally go out of the ecological system. This is something we are passionate to stop.

Purifying your water and using Mayu minerals, you can take unpolluted, healthy drinking water without any harmful plastic waste!

There are some essentials benefits to choosing MAYU:

- The design! the supreme aesthetic 

- Base in pure porcelain made by hand.

- Automatic activation system, activated once the carafe is placed on it.

- Rechargeable battery which are able to work up to 6 hours without the need for electricity

- Vortex strength is automatically adjusted according to the volume of water in the carafe.

- Touch switch

-  Made with highest quality Borosilicate glass, especially designed without corners so that water can swirl throughout the entire glass carafe, dishwasher safe, cold and heat resistant.

- Unique silent vortex technique

- Compliance with ETL, CE, and FCC certifications

- 2 Year Warranty

The MAYU Swirl is primarily designed to be used with cold to lukewarm drinking water.

But sommeliers and wine lovers are fast discovering that the Mayu works extremely well with wine. It has even been called a wine time machine. The Mayu is one of the fastest wine aerators in the market (6000 times faster than a normal decanter). Taste is a personal issue but in general people find that the Mayu Swirl improves the taste of wine.

Although the Mayu works very well with wine two things have to be kept in mind:

1. Taste is a personal thing so what works best for you with which wines is for you to experiment. But that may make drinking wine even more fun!

2. Cleaning the carafe well afterward is important in order for the impeller at the bottom of the carafe to continue efficiently. With red wine the white color of the impeller can turn red over time. Some people chose to have one Mayu caraf for wine and one for water.

Note: The Mayu effect on wine has only been recently discovered and we would love to hear your feedback. Let us know your experiences by sending an email to

Technical Specifications

The MAYU Swirl set box includes:

- 1.5L glass carafe with built-in impeller- hand-blown grade A borosilicate glass; light weight, crystal clear and dishwasher safe.

- Closing lid for storage - made of stainless steel (304) or bamboo with a food-grade silicone seal.

- Vortex generator base - handmade porcelain, coupled with automatic load and touch sensors for a perfect, hassle-free vortex.

- Rechargeable li-ion battery - up to 7hours of wireless use on a single charge.

- USB A to USB C cable – easy to connect

- 2 years limited warranty.

The carafe is designed to store up to 1.5 liters (50.7 oz.) of water. For your convenience, there is an engraving on the side of the carafe, indicating 1.5L level

Yes! The rechargeable battery inside the base is designed to last up to six hours.
We recommend keeping it consistently charged to preserve battery life. A white light at the base indicates full charge.

The MAYUs are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen who are masters of glass and porcelain of the highest quality, in China.

Shipping, Returns & Warranty

Sure. you can contact us at: and our team will get back to you asap.

Our products can be returned within 30 days of the delivery date.
This only applies for packages that have not been opened at all.

An item returned for a refund will be subject to shipping costs, meaning, the shipping charges will be deducted from your refund.

Upon purchasing the swirl, a 2 year limited warranty is included along with it.

Mayu products are made of the highest quality materials and with extreme attention. However, if your product does have a problem, please contact us at .

If you receive a damaged product, please contact us right away for assistance.

Please include in your reach out email:

The original receipt from your order

Details concerning the issue

 If possible, a photo or a video of your tackled product

Any alteration, misuse or abuse voids this policy.

Pricing & Billing

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Product Care

The carafe is waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Maintaining the carafe involves cleaning it every 4-5 days with dish soap (preferably eco-friendly detergent), in order to prevent dirt from accumulating on the impeller ( the white disc inside the carafe)

Once stored in the fridge or overnight you should use the lid to cover the carafe. Otherwise, swirl your water without the lid

After approximately 6 hours of wireless use